Sunday, April 22, 2012

Parsons, Portraits and Plates

My next post was suppose to be about our front porch update but after losing my post that I had nearly completed, I’m going to take a break on the porch updating (while I cool off from being ticked at Blogger) and write about my thrifty finds this weekend (on Word).

The first find was FREE and exactly what I needed! Since we’ve nearly finished our double desk window seat (I know I keep promising pictures…but soon…I promise), I’ve been wondering what we were going to do for seating. I really didn’t want office chairs in our bedroom but didn’t want to spend any money on anything new. So that just leaves something cheap/used and, for this, I occasionally peruse the Free stuff on Craigslist. While stuck in a detour one night on my way home from work I pulled up Craigslist (wrong, yes I know). Here’s what I found:

My heart starts racing and my fingers are dying to type an email that will get me these babies. Thankfully home was just around the corner so upon my arrival I quickly sent an email from my phone. And didn’t hear anything all night. I will admit to getting anxious but I will not admit to writing a second email that went something like this… “Hi - At the risk of seeming desperate - I would really love to have your chairs. We just finished building a double desk in our bedroom and I was hoping to someday find nicer chairs for us other than our mismatched, old rolling computer chairs that look wrong in a bedroom. These would be perfect.” No, I’d never write that. I mean there wasn’t even a picture of the chairs so I really didn’t even know what to expect.

I did expect to have some competition on getting these chairs but either my email was so sad that she had no choice but to offer them to me or no else was interested. Either way, she gave me a call the next morning and said they were mine! Yeah 3x! What a great way to start a work day. So after work on Friday I picked them up. I’ve really only seen Parsons Chairs that do not have upholstered legs but these ones were fully upholstered (I know it’s normal – I’ve just never seen it – even when I google them now, I don’t see any with upholstered legs, perhaps these were meant to be covered with a full slipcover??). Hmmm…not exactly what I want but no problem, I can work with this. I’ve already googled and found others who reupholstered Parsons Chairs (and there’s lots of YouTube videos) that have just finished the legs with a coat of spray paint and reupholstered the rest of it so that’s pretty much what I’ll be doing. Did I mention I’ve never reupholstered a thing in my life? Now I just need to find fabric and get the courage to begin.

Here’s a close up…

And the back…

The rest of my treasure I picked up at our Habitat For Humanity Restore and I got my second FREE find. I actually didn’t know the price of this frame but the guy at the counter said “Free” so I said “I’ll take it!” Not sure what I’ll do with it yet or how I’ll refinish it but I’ll figure out something.

The portrait that I brought home was this one. I’ll call it Mr. Darcy (as in Fitzwilliam Darcy) and his son. I have a thing for these 19th-century-esque portrait paintings (though this is just a print on a thick cardboard-y type material). Since I also tend to like more modern-ish things too, I think the two together kind of make an eclectic style. Oh and I’m totally loving gold frames (much in the same way as I love this Gold Room in the Marble House mansion in Newport, RI).

This guy set me back a pretty penny $15. I really wanted to haggle a little but chickened out at the last second. It was right after he said FREE on the frame above so I guess I felt like I got my deal of the day. I also hesitated on getting it but when someone said to me “Oh that’s nice” while Rue and I were in line, I knew I’d made the right decision. I’ve already got it hung up here (you can see what poorly-placed print it replaced here). When I see it, I smile inside just a little every time.

I also picked up this beautiful green vase. Nothing too fancy about it – I just love the color and it was only a buck.

Someday I’m hoping to have more open shelves in the kitchen and white plates. Lots of white plates so we never run out before the dishwasher has been run (we just got a dishwasher about six months ago and I’ll I can say is life. changing.) and always have plenty for company. But I don’t want to spend money on a lot of new plates so I’m going the mismatched route. Is it my favorite design ever? Well, no, I guess not but I do love how I can let go of that and appreciate their uniqueness. And they were only fifty cents apiece, so a steal in my book.

Have you had any exciting thrifty finds lately? Are there any other 19-century-esque portrait painting lovers out there?


  1. i think your parsons chairs were a great deal. and even if you spend money on upholstering them--maybe you can find someone to do it cheaply? ---you'll have forever chairs.....

    1. :) I think I might just try reupholstering them myself...that is once I've sewn the box cushion for the window seat and watched a ton of tutorials.

    2. I really like your picture find. That is really cool!

    3. thanks! and the colors of the picture go perfectly with the living room


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